Poitr Krosny 1959


  • 1979      Received a one year scholarship from The Ministry of Culture, Poland, to study
  •               at the school of Fine Art in Kiev
  • 1980-84 The Academy of Fine Arts, Warsaw
  • 1986       Valand, Göteborg, Sweden


  • 1984  Gallery Vanha, Helsinki, Finland
  • 1988/89 101 Wooster: Dolgenos, Newman & Cronin Exhibition Space, New York,
  • 1991  Polish Cultural Institute, Stockholm, Sweden
  • 1993  Critics’ Gallery ”Pokaz”, Warsaw, Poland
  • 1994  Gallery Hera, Stockholm, Sweden
  • 1997  Gallery Manége, Moscow, Russia
  • 1999  Gallery Hera, Stockholm, Sweden
  • 2002  Polish Cultural Institute, Stockholm, Sweden.
  • 2002  Stockholm Art Fair, Sweden
  • 2023 Galleri Hera, Stockholm
  • Since 1996 represented by galleries in San Francisco and New York and Galleri Hera in Stockholm. Art Fairs and group exhibitions.
  • In the last decade, Piotr has worked as a master teacher of painting and creative workshop for children.
  • Awards

  • Piotr Krosny was the recipient of an award from the Warsaw Academy for his outstanding achievements in graphics and painting.

His work was also awarded a Certificate of Excellence at the International Art Competition of New York 1988.